Shu Chin

Careers in Different Fields: A Personal Prospective: Part 1, Academia

I will admit it, when I was a wee grasshopper, I had a rather naïve view of my future life as a professional. I vacillated between an aspiring, and probably a very hungry artist, a neurosurgeon and going to Africa to feed hungry children. Needless to say, over the years, my career has bobbed a...



Bite Off More Than You Think You Can Chew!

A couple of months ago we decided to put a submission in for an NIH grant.  No big deal, I hear you all say.  Well, we had decided so late that we only have 17 days to do it! I was the main writer for the project, and so it fell to me to do some major blue skies, thinking about what w...


Ramos da Silva

Should I stay or should I go?

In my first blog at Bio Careers, I would like to discuss the options that scientists have when they finish their postdocs. When you are at the limbo phase, you must decide which will be the next move, and for that you need to consider your own natural skills and personality. 



Managing Your Personal Finances

In the US, the month of April is synonymous with federal and state income tax deadlines. For millions of Americans, Tax Day is a dreaded day. A more positive outlook to take, however, is that tax season is a government-facilitated reminder of the need to focus on your personal finances in gener...



Plagiarism: Definition and Scope

Hello everyone!  Today’s blog is on a very important topic that I have recently had to deal with as a science writer, plagiarism.Introduction: I have my own business where I work as a publication specialist.  I facilitate the publication of primary research manuscripts at all stages. I m...



Postdoc in Academia: Freedom of thought for the brave.

As I was finishing my PhD, I faced a dilemma that comes across the minds of many PhD graduates: To stay in academia or try to transition to an industry job.In my case, I took the first option--even after being tempted with a few industry positions that paid more generous salaries.A good friend that ...



Don’t Avoid All Risk: On Becoming a Skilled Risk Manager

Imagine if a start-up company in an emerging market called you today and offered you your dream job with all your dream benefits and in your dream geographic location. Would you take the job without reservation? Or would you immediately envision the risks involved in a start-up company in an unprove...



Finding Happiness in my Chosen Career Path

On my first blog for Bio Careers®, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself, my career path up to this point, and what I would like to share with you in future posts.  My career path has been anything but straight, with frequent detours to both learn about and experience new roles, f...



Changing your Name

Today, I want to discuss something that I think half the population (at least) will never have considered.  The other half will probably think about it at some point in their lives.  For some, it is an easy decision, while for others (and that includes myself), it is problematic.  I a...



BioMaker: Biologists as Tool-Builders

“If you can’t open it, you don’t own it.” – Maker motto.