Lauren Celano


A few thoughts on using LinkedIn for career searching and networking

LinkedIn is ubiquitous among professionals and people aspiring to be in the workforce. This is an amazingly useful tool to build connections, keep track of people, and brand yourself.  The following are a few tips on how to use LinkedIn effectively based upon my experiences. Your Picture



Tips on networking outside of academia

One of the best ways to land a new job is through personal contacts.  As a scientist in academia, you have many opportunities to forge relationships within academia through seminars, conferences and more.  However, if you are interested in learning more about career opportunities outside o...



The National Postdoctoral Association Meeting 2012

As I have previously mentioned, I am an individual member of the National Postdoctoral Association ( ), and I recently attended my third annual NPA meeting in San Francisco.  This year marked the 10th annual meeting and was wonderful due to the attention to detai...



Going to a Conference

I recently attended one of the largest conferences in my field, the Keystone meeting on NR in Whistler, British Columbia. The venue was gorgeous, there was even snowfall on the last night. In our group, the rule for conference attendance is that you can go if you have interesting data to present. Th...

Lauren Celano


The importance of an elevator pitch

Have you ever been in the situation where you meet a person who you have never met before, and they ask you for a description about yourself or what you were looking for.   They were in essence asking for your “elevator pitch,” that is, key information about yourself delivered in a short am...